Interdisciplinary Project - Seeking 2016

Date: 2016 November

Given topic: Shelter

Project title: Seeking

Material: Clay, Plywood, Glass, Felt, Rocks, Sand and Metal.

Member: Juliana Gerger-Scherzer (Textile), Wanxing Samson Wang (Furniture), Francis Vidal (Industrial Design), Amee Raval (Glass), Matthew Paul (Glass), Zipei Wu (Ceramic), Joey Gideon (Furniture).

Seeking is a group project which has been designed and fabricated based on the given topic "Shelter" within 4 intensive and consecutive days by a group of people who are being randomly picked from furniture, ceramic, textile, glass and industrial design studios in Sheridan College Crafts and Design Program. 

Seeking is an art installation, it is presenting the nature of shelter is to lead one to a place of warmth, peace, and happiness from the elements of nature or harsh realities of life. The journey of seeking the shelter is a beacon of hope and may lead one to a false sense of security.