Interdisciplinary Project - Design Hub 2017

Date: 2017 October

Given topic: Mobility

Project title: Design Hub

Material: Plywood, MDF, Plastic, Metal, Died Fabric, Wiggle Board, Foam.

Member: Zelda Middleton (Textile), Wanxing Samson Wang (Furniture), Garrett Muysson (Industrial Design), Clio Windust (Textile), Andrew Albini (Industrial Design), Michael Yau (Industrial Design), Joey Gideon (Furniture).

Design Hub is a group project which has been designed and fabricated based on the given topic "Mobility"within 4 intensive and consecutive days by a group of people who are being randomly picked from furniture, ceramic, textile, glass and industrial design studios in Sheridan College Crafts and Design Program. 

Design Hub is to create a group study environment mainly for craft people and designers. It is designed so that small community is easily mobilized, by gathering people together and exchanging ideas and knowledges. The hub includes four stools and one design table. Users can draw, write or anything they want to express their thoughts on the table top with markers, which contains two large white boards for extra surface if desired. Power outlet is added under the table for easy access. The hub is designed for all sorts of environments. While not in use, all stools could be tucked under the table to save space if needed.