Thesis Weekly Blog Post #7

Design Week Reflection:


It was very interesting to see all different kinds of design in IDS and design offsite this year. There is a Canadian trend forming up through some post-modernism influenced or inspired design. I personally enjoy to see the playfulness and creativity embedded within the projects. However, I felt a little bit of odd and overwhelmed to experience so much colorful designs in a such short period of time. I start getting some color-seeing fatigue…. In addition, a lot of products are excellent and many new student concepts could be pushed to be better prototypes. At the same time, I think many designs have not been well executed, and their functionality are questionable.

Scandinavian Design group:

April Tables by Nikari was my favorite design at IDS this year. This table incorporates visually light planar surfaces with visually heavy and bulky forms in the space to create very balanced design composition. Although there are no same shape and form are identical, the visual circulation on this piece is so strong. I really enjoy seeing three different heights and sizes of table surface working together with different heights and forms of table bases. It is a very inspirational to my thesis side table design.

The lighting piece OHM by Anony is also very attractive. Compare this light to the side table by Nikari, I think they have one thing in common, which is the excellent design execution on their composition. The direction and height change on the light is thoughtful and pleasing, and the continuity is formed by the composition and the individual detailed cutout on the light. Moreover, I believe the ratio between the covered surface and the exposed light bulb surface are carefully considered as well.

Another interesting design at IDS was the high back chair by two by four design. The chair has both Scandinavian and post modernism influences on its form; the bold shapes and organic form really make the design feel approachable and eye pleasing. During my thesis chair design iteration, I wanted my chair to be wrapped around by the cane as well, I felt the cane would create the private and coziness feeling to the user. However, I was not able to resolve the structure behind the cane to make the design wholistic. I think this high back chair is eye opener for me to reference in my future design career. Last not the least, the chair by Div 2 has a very unique color selection, but I am really not a fan of their design.

Post-modernism Revival:

There are many designs I have seen this year have post-modernism look. They come with very bold color and form, the Bookshelf by MPGMB has very well considered design composition, and it is comfortable to look at. I am not trying to criticize the Post-modernism style furniture, but I feel many of the great concepts have not been well executed. For instance, the Candy-pop table has very interesting legs, but the table top is lack of balance to the entire composition. The dancers lamp has very playful gesture, but the left light bulb is too close to the metal structure, which bothers me a lot. The Roque chair raised my biggest concern to Canadian furniture design, COFO design is currently red hot on social media, they are trying to push the manufacture of their design further; the main product they are advertising is this not comfortable chair. I believe the very nucleus of the seating design is to create ergonomic comfort, but the Roque chair back is very much against to this central theme, it is lack of consideration of ergonomic. Interestingly, I really like the Italian melton wool cloth used Roque chair, it has the texture I want for my thesis chair upholstery.


Here are some Interesting Concept I found during the design week.