Thesis Weekly Blog Post #6

2019 Winter Semester:

Week 1:

Happy New Year !

This is my last term study at Sheridan College, I hope I can achieve some special tasks in these coming 4 months.

The final critique in the end of last term was very helpful to me, I receive a lot of objective reflection. Based on the feedbacks, in the beginning of this new term, I need to nail down following design issues:

  1. Consider making the proportion of the chair seat a bit larger, because user will most likely want to curl up in the chair and/or sit in the chair in a couple different positions. I also realize that the edge of the seat was hitting the back of my knee, and the shape of the seat should follow the dynamic form of the chair.

  2. Consider how large the arm is at the top corner, to keep the entire design look poetic and light.

  3. Consider the weight balance of the chair, and adjust back leg location, kick back angle and seat angle, the mock up chair was a little bit tippy.

  4. Consider the under structure of the seat, try to hide the structure as much as possible, but keep the supporting strength at the same time.

There are still many details I need to retest on. My cardboard mock up chair spindles were under some stress when I was installing them, I have went through the troubleshooting in my mind, and concluded some of details may affect its misalignment.

During my mock up fabrication, I found out that the drill press was not perfectly leveled which I need to fix before going for my second mock up test. And I knew my jig was not accurately fabricated, and my parts were not perfectly aligned and positioned while I was drilling spindle holes. In addition, the drill bit was drifting during the angled drill, which may cause spindle holes at wrong angle; to fix this, I have bought the new set of brad point drill bit, and I will drill at higher RPM on my second mockup. Hopefully, these actions could help a little bit.

I am planing to research into some of the fabric company, find out the fabric and foam I would like to use for the seat upholstery.

More importantly, over the break, I have managed to get the air dry material I need for the steam bending. In the meantime, I need to figure out the method to do my actually 9 feet long ash stock steam bending. It will require a lot of force to do. One of the faculty member has suggested to do the bend on the concrete floor, use ratchet power puller to bend the ash piece from both ends. I think it is a feasible plan, and I need to do the preparation as soon as possible, because the wood needs 3 weeks to dry.

Finally, I need to start thinking about my side table design while finalizing details on the chair.

Here are some images documented the process of my first mockup fabrication, and some images of rendered image of the chair design.